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This is the rear of the Lodge that faces with a beautiful view of Stoco Lake.

Parent Info


Whether you are a parent of a current CLS camper or still deciding where to send your child to camp this summer, we want you to know that we consider the care of your child to be an “awesome responsibility.” Our highest priority is the emotional and physical safety of your child.

The complete Parents Handbook is provided for you to either read on line or to print out. The answers to almost every imaginable question you may have in respect to the day to day operation of camp is contained in this booklet. Please take the time to read it carefully and to be sure to call us if you have any questions.  Families of enrolled campers will receive a hard copy of the most up to date Parents Handbook in March or following enrollment if after the month of March. 

 Dorm Rooms:

Our dorm rooms vary in size, as a result, each camper will have the opportunity to request his/her roommate. Please indicate your requested roommates on our application form, as this will assure you that your desires will be met. Our rooms can accommodate groups ranging from 2 to 10 campers. 


 8-10 pair Underwear

 2 sets Pajamas (sweatpants work well)

 5 pairs Shorts

 8-9 T-shirts

 1-2 pairs of Jeans (long pants are required for horseback riding)

 2 Sweatshirts

 1 Jacket (fleece type for cool nights and overnights)

 8 pairs Socks

 1 pair Tennis/Athletic Shoes


 1 pair Water shoes with heel strap

 2 Beach Towels

 2 Swim Suits

 Sunscreen (non-aerosol only)

 Flip flops


 2 bath towels & wash cloths

 Toiletries Bag (include: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo,

 brush, lotion, lip balm with sunscreen & bug repellent).


 Sleeping Bag

 Pillow

 Pillow Case

 Laundry Bag that cinches or zips closed (with Name clearly written)

 2 Water Bottles (also available at camp store)

 Hat or visor, Inexpensive Sunglasses

 Flashlight (with extra batteries)

 Campers desirous of going on a backpack trip should also bring solid walking shoes and a rain poncho.

 All other backpack supplies will be provided.

 Campers desirous of horseback riding may want to bring boots or hiking boots.


 Books

 Disposable Cameras (with names on them)

 NHL Jersey's, Costumes or funny clothing for special days


Laundry service is available if needed at no extra charge. 


All of your camper's clothing and belongings should be labeled with your campers full name.

The lost and found is much smaller when belongings are labeled!


1. CELL PHONES are NOT allowed at camp. For campers flying, they can travel with a cell phone, but it

is REQUIRED to turn phone in upon arrival at camp. Phones or other wireless electronics will be returned

before departure back home. If items are not turned in on Day One of camp, item is subject to being

confiscated and not returned until the end of the calendar year. Please do not bring cell phones to camp!

We are happy to give parents as many updates on your camper as you’d like, but we like keeping camp Cell Phone Free!

2. ANY electronics with wireless technology that can access the internet (i.e. iPOD touch, Kindles,

etc.) are not allowed at camp. Summer camp is a great opportunity to get our kids away from any screen

time. The rest of the year kids are inundated by technology and thus at CLS we enjoy the natural

surroundings, activities, and friends and don’t see technology fitting into that atmosphere.

3. The following are also not allowed at camp: water guns, water balloons, sling shots (or any other

weapons), matches, & lighters, any type of aerosol can including sunscreen.

4. Campers are allowed but discouraged from bringing iPods and other mp3 players as well as

expensive cameras to camp.

5. Please do not send valuable items such as expensive cameras or jewelry.

6. CLS provides all of the athletic equipment (NOT ICE HOCKEY / BALL HOCKEY GEAR or BASEBALL GLOVES) so it is not necessary for equipment to be brought from home but it is acceptable if they want to bring their favourite football or basketball for example. 


The days are normally very warm, temperature through the summer ranges from 20 to 30 degrees. 

Nights are cooler, with temps averaging 15 to 22 degrees.


Please involve younger campers in the packing process so they know what is in their trunks to help ease

any concerns upon arrival. With older campers, please also be a part of packing and please note all of the

above items that are not allowed at camp.

The normal tendency is to pack too much for camp. Pack conservatively.

 Medical Staff and Medications:

All illnesses and injuries will be attended to by our medical staff. In those situations that require  additional medical assistance, the campers will be taken to the Belleville General Hospital, conveniently located just 35 South of north of the Camp. At the time of registration, we will have a book that you should register any medical problems and medications. Our medical staff will administer the medications at the appropriate times. 

Supervision at Camp Lake Stoco takes pride in itself, with an experienced staff of counselors and instructors, all of whom reside in the complex with the students, creating the unique situation of 24-hour availability to the students. To further ensure our campers safety and well-being, we have installed a new state-of the-art video surveillance system. Our cameras are strategically located  throughout the lodge inside and out. This security feature allows our staff members the  advantage of monitoring all activities 24 hours a day. 


If it is more cost efficient or convenient for you, we will allow campers to come in a day

early or stay over an extra day for a cost of $100.00. This fee will include lodging and meals, extensive ice and recreational opportunities if possible.

 Check-in and Check-out: 

Hockey camp students should arrive on their check-in day, anytime between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Checkout time is 11:00 a.m. on departure day.