Developement Hockey School Program


Team Play and Developement

 Hockey is a game which requires all players to learn to play as a team, and learning how to play as a team is an important part of a developing player. Daily instruction in the area of team play and  strategy will help give each player a better understanding of their role on the ice. Players will learn breakout patterns, offensive position, defensive and neutral zone position. Emphasis will be placed on the role of defenseman, forward, and goaltender in Team Play Development. Students will learn the importance of team skills such as desire, pride, trust, motivation and working hard to achieve a common goal — skills that will benefit players thoughout their adulthood 

Off-Ice Training

 CLS has a reputation of being very demanding physically. Our daily off-ice training programs consist of three mandatory workouts designed to improve each player’s strength, power, agility, quickness and endurance. Our staff will conduct a vigorous daily dryland training session that will include sprint intervals, plyometrics, quick foot movement, agility courses and drills designed to improve explosiveness. Additionally, we will conduct daily dryland power shooting sessions, striving to perfect and improve shooting speed and accuracy. We also stress the importance of psychological discipline. Research has shown that reaching your training goal depends more on the function of the psychological mind, than that of the physical body. All campers will be introduced to the importance of positive attitude  reinforcement, relaxation methods and the application of sports visualization to achieve training performance. Finally, we will focus on the values of proper nutrition and diet, daily exercise and  prevention of drug abuse.

On-Ice Training

 Students will receive minimum 2 hours of on-ice training each day. Our morning session is dedicated to individual skill development and it is 1 hours in duration. In second session, we focus on team play and group tactics which also lasts 1 hours. All sessions are coordinated and directed by our highly qualified staff, AT A STUDENT TO INSTRUCTOR RATIO OF 5 TO 1 AND NO MORE THEN 24 CAMPERS ON THE ICE IN A SESSION.

Player Analysis and Evaluation Programs

In order to evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses, each camper will be tested in 12 separate areas. These evaluations will also help determine campers current skill level. Our testing program will include upper and lower body strength, endurance, quickness, skating speed, shooting speed, etc. Individual data will be recorded for analyzing performance and development. We will utilize our radar speed guns to evaluate individual skating speed both forward and backwards, and we will also record shooting speed, testing each player’s forehand, backhand and slap-shot. We have found that these testing and evaluation procedures are very successful in improving skating acceleration, skating speed, shooting speed and safe body-checking techniques. An  additional feature of our evaluation program will consist of daily video review classes, analyzing campers strengths and weaknesses on the ice as well as daily lectures concerning effective hockey tactics. Upon completion of the camp, each camper will receive an evaluation and a training program planned to develop players weaknesses in order to achieve the highest level of skill development.

“CLS, it’s the place to be! CLS, it’s for you and me!"



 Our large private dock is located on a quiet cove on Stoco Lake. Here, campers swim in a warm-water lake with an enclosed dock area which is great for our younger swimmers. Waterfront activities are among the favorites at camp! Camp boats take campers out on the lake for Fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing and our ever popular "Banana Boat" ride. Camper can also choose a slightly more relaxed water sport and have great fun teaming up in our canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards or taking swim lessons.




CLS land includes a multi-purpose field for soccer and baseball, a horse arena with miles of forest service land trails to explore, crafts building with every art project imaginable, archery range, challenge ropes course, multi-sided climbing tower, basketball, sand volleyball, and endless other activities… And, there are plenty of mountain bike trails for out-of-camp rides on neighboring single track and fire roads. After dinner each evening, campers are able to take part in twilight sports activities before gathering at our for nightly campfire. With stories, camp songs and games. Throughout the day there are always scheduled flex times as well so campers can relax and enjoy the slow pace of summer camp life and a bit of free play.

Something for Everyone!



  • Multi-purpose field for soccer and baseball
  • Horse arena with miles of forest service land trails to explore
  • Archery range
  • Challenge ropes course
  • Multi-sided climbing tower
  • Basketball, sand volleyball
  • Plenty of mountain bikes for out-of-camp rides on neighboring single track and fire roads.

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 With The Land O' Lakes in our "backyard" and the beautiful Wilderness high-country close by, day trips and backpack trips are scheduled almost daily for those campers desirous of getting out of camp and experiencing the great outdoors. Summer camp activities such as day trips to Hell Holes Nature Caves and hikes or paddles up the Clare River to the treasured Outfitter Camp that results in great stories and beautiful photos. Our overnight backpack trips to the Camp are a wonderful way for campers to really experience outdoor living and cooking. Friendship bonds really strengthen on such excursions and campers seem to come back to camp with a heightened sense and a deeper appreciation for the wilderness. Overnight camp outs to local treasure are also a treat for younger campers not quite ready for an extended back packing trip. Overnights are also available to older campers as well! 




Throughout any given week at CLS, camp breaks into an all inclusive activity whether it be a Special Day such as Wild West Day, a camp dance out under the stars, and of course our nightly campfire. Everyone in camp is somehow involved in the same agenda and it’s amazing to see such cohesion!

So much goes into the meaning of the word “magic” when campers and alumni use the word to describe Camp Lake Stoco. Unique events such as early morning wake ups for the optional “Morning Dip” or the “Cabin Walk”, to the ever treasured Sunday morning when camp gathers and shares stories about the week. The list goes on and on…and so does the magic!



Our Hockey School Development Program is the Pride and Joy of Camp Lake Stoco! With 10hrs of One Ice instruction Weekly your child will strengthen and develop new skills. This program is geared towards Rep or Higher level of Players. Focus is on High Speed puck handling, puck movement, shooting, and zone transitions. This program is excellent for Goalies.

We practice and play on the Pond at Rhino Sports which is a 3 on 3 sized Ice Pad.

This smaller ice surface is far more superior for development of puck handling skills and shooting. This is particularly good for Goalies as they will face 40% more shots in a game!

Our game format will be 4 on 4 for the kids programs.